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To experience sustainable weight loss; 4 key issues need to be addressed that include:

1. People need to lose fat not muscle when they lose weight. This is crucial as muscle is the body's calorie burning engine. If during a diet, muscle is lost, more harm is done for the purpose of weight loss because the body's calorie burning engine which determines their resting metabolic rate is being lowered. This means people will have to eat less food than when they first started to maintain their original weight.

2. People need to learn correct food habits for life-long weight loss. This means people have to make the 20/80 flip where instead of 80% unhealthy food habits they change their behavior so that it is only 20% unhealthy. The problem is most people have no idea how to make this 20/80 flip because they have never been educated on how to have correct food habits for life-long weight loss. Click here to learn about  DiaSnacks™ (a great set of tools to help you with the 20/80 flip)

3. There are 15 health conditions that need to be addressed if people want to succeed over time with weight loss. Any one of these conditions can either prevent people from losing weight in the first place, such as a thyroid problem, or prevent them from  keeping it off over time such, as a digestion problem. Pinpointing these conditions and knowing how to correct them is what a specially trained TRANSFORMATONS healthcare practitioner is able to offer.

4.  As people lose weight they need to feel good with their energy and mental state, while having no hunger or cravings. Furthermore, they need to implement a program that will not prevent them from maintaining their normal lifestyle. This means they need to be able to implement the program when they travel, go to parties, eat in a restaurant or even fast food. If the program is so restrictive with meal replacements, a count system, magic pill, starvation or needing bars and shakes it will become impossible to maintain it over any period of time.

Sustaining a healthy blood sugar level is key to reversing the Pre-Diabets condition. It all begin with a simple questionnaire that allow a specially trained healthcare practitioner establish your own personal WICO Score. It's like "looking under the hood" and determining which imbalances in your body are causing your blood sugar problems.

You thereafter commence a simple dietary program that bio-chemically set your body to burn abdominal fat while protecting your muscle mass. This is a crucial first step as your abdominal fat is a major inducer and promoter of diabetes. What was great is that you had no hunger and no cravings while experiencing great energy and mental state as you use your excess abdominal fat for fuel. In between meals you took a beverage snack and kept your blood sugar in balance and provided every nutrient the body needs in a bio-available manner.

Now you are ready to maintain your success in controlling your blood sugar. You have rebalanced the core systems in your body that will support normal blood sugar, ideal weight, and true vitality for life. But just as important you have also learn how to do the 20/80 flip.

You see most Americans have 80% unhealthy food habits and 20% healthy ones. What needs to happen is a flip, so that only 20% is unhealthy. By simply implementing TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ you will learn how to make the needed changes for the rest of your life! To help you with your success of the 20/80 flip see the DiaSnacks™  tab for low glycemic snacks, drinks, meals and drinks.

TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ helps reverse pre-diabetes and gets the weight off and helps you keep it off. Click here to see testimonials of long-term success

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