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One big challenge we American’s face today is that we have terrible food habits as we eat 80% unhealthy foods and only 20% healthy foods. We all strive to make the 20/80 flip and know that all the health markers improve by implementing the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 program and following our 5 Golden Food Rules which are:

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Have a breakfast, lunch and dinner
  3. Have a protein and healthy carbohydrate at each meal
  4. Have a healthy Snack between meals so that you are never too hungry at meal time
  5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

The problem is people cannot maintain the 5 Golden Food Rules in our fast paced society, so they go back to their old 80% unhealthy food habits. TRANSFORMATIONS 360 educates, energizes and empowers them to achieve good health and wellness. DiaSnacks™ is the perfect “tool” to help them with healthy snacking (Golden Rule #4) and maintaining the 20/80 flip.

Furthermore if any underlying conditions exist that are fueling Pre-Diabetes can be pinpointed with the WICO® Score and consultation with a specially trained practitioner who can provide an action plan to correct them, before they become a chronic illness or disease.

In each DiaSnacks™ kit you will receive the 20 food and beverage items to control unhealthy food habits, an instructional manual and DVD to teach you how to use these food and beverage items; plus a personalized WICO® Score and consultation from a specially trained practitioner to review your unhealthy markers and show you how to correct them.

All of this will be “The Greatest Gift of Health” you could give yourself or a loved one, by joining the FUN Movement and purchasing a DiaSnacks™ kit you can help every Pre-Diabetic learn how to never become a Diabetic.

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