Elevated Blood Sugar

There is an Epidemic of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in America Today

According to the CDC 1 out of 3 people  are either Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic

  • 87 Million are Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic
  • Many do not know it & are undiagnosed
  • 634 people die each day from a diabetes related illness (270% increase in last 4 yrs.)
  • 5,206  additional are diagnosed daily
  • Child Type II Diabetes nearly ¼ Million & growing rapidly (23% in last 9 years)

*from CDC & American Diabetes Association, 2011

Find out where your Blood Sugar Stands!

This is simple to do as all you need is a glucometer and a test strip that you can buy at any pharmacy for $20 or less. By self-pricking your finger to measure fasting blood sugar you will read your blood sugar number off the glucometer. 


1. Under 87- shows healthy blood sugar with no insulin resistance

2. Between 88-100 shows unhealthy blood sugar and indications of insulin resistance

3. Between 100-125 shows indication of Pre-Diabetes

4. Over 125 shows indication of Diabetes.

Our standard of care is waiting for people to become a Diabetic or advanced Diabetic at which point medication is prescribed, however this does not stop the progression or complications of Diabetes. The time to address elevated blood sugar is before Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes sets in during the unhealthy range of 88-100. The reasons why people become a Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic usually has to do with:

1. Unhealthy food habits

2. Excessive abdominal weight and body composition

3. Digestion and nutritional deficiencies

4. Lack of exercise.

To correct unhealthy elevated blood sugar people should take their WICO® score and have a specially trained practitioner evaluate their 15 health markers and what could be underlying their condition. And by implementing the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 program excessive abdominal fat, unhealthy body composition, unhealthy food habits, and nutritional deficiencies can be corrected.

It begins with a simple questionnaire that allows a specially trained healthcare practitioner establish your own personal WICO™  Score. It's like "looking under the hood" and determining which imbalances in your body are causing your blood sugar problems.

Your WICO Questionnaire is based on years of clinical experience with hundreds of clinics using it in their practice with their patients.

You thereafter commence a simple dietary program that bio-chemically sets your body to burn abdominal fat while protecting your muscle mass. This is a crucial first step as your abdominal fat is a major inducer and promoter of diabetes.

You will have NO hunger, and NO cravings while experiencing great energy and mental state as you use your excess abdominal fat for fuel. In between meals a beverage snack is taken (not a shake or meal replacement), to balance blood sugar, and provide every nutrient the body needs in a bio-available manner.

This dietary approach and doing the questionnaire a second time will allow a specially trained healthcare practitioner pinpoint the root cause of your body's symptoms and offer a personalized solution tied to your unique makeup and body's needs.

By the time you are done, you will have rebalanced the core systems in your body that will support normal blood sugar, ideal weight, and true vitality for life. But just as important you will also learn how to do the 20/80 flip.

You see most Americans have 80% unhealthy food habits and 20% healthy ones. What needs to happen is a flip, so that only 20% is unhealthy. By simply implementing TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ you will learn how to make the needed changes for the rest of your life!

Most important, you will NOT be masking symptomsYou will create health and prevention while fat goes away, practically as a side effect!

If That Sounds Simple, There’s A Good Reason Why: It Is!

One more thing: you can forget everything you’ve been told about "inheriting" your weight problems or high blood sugar. Truth is, you’re not stuck with it.

It could be years before the medical establishment catches up with this breakthrough approach to health and blood sugar control, but there are many licensed healthcare practitioners who have been trained on this technology and are able to help you NOW!

DO NOT wait for complications to set in! The longer the problem is allowed to fester, the more complicated the solution will become.


Health Care VS Sick Care . . . What the Medical Industry is Not Telling You & Why Prevention is Essential (and it is not difficult)!

Fact: Pre-Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions


It’s time you knew the real truth: managing blood sugar with drugs or insulin is like mopping up a flooded floor while the faucet’s still overflowing.You need healthy food habits.

No matter how many meds you take to control it, the complications from high blood sugar can make life miserable!

Here’s Something Else You May Not Know—
It’s Not Just Those Who Have Elevated Blood Sugar Who Should Worry

Today, 1 in 2 Americans suffer the hidden effects of a blood sugar disorder that carries with it potentially devastating health consequences.

And if you’re overweight or have even slightly elevated blood sugar, you’re probably one of them.

This metabolic condition, called diabesity, begins with the first signs of insulin resistance. Ignore it at your peril, because when left untreated it can be the cause of serious ill health conditions.

Incredibly, most doctors still take a wait-and-see approach when your blood sugar starts to inch up.

That’s their first mistake...

Then they make a bigger mistake by treating your blood sugar with drugs that don’t cure anything and often make your problems worse.

There’s A Better Way to Restore Your Health and it is easy and an all-natural approach to support healthy blood sugar —  and actually help eliminate the root causes behind your weight gain, fatigue, mental fog, depression, low resistance to colds and flu.

No drugs needed. None!

Pounds melt away even if you’ve been overweight for years. Energy soars. It feels like a cloud is lifted from your life.

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