Benefits of the Program

  • People do not have any hunger or cravings but will have great energy and mental alertness so as to come out of any mild to moderate depression.
  • People lose fat not muscle mass as they lose weight using their stored fat as fuel.
  • People learn correct food habits as they begin eating real wholesome foods for sustainable weight loss management while learning portion control and what are good carbs and protein.
  • People will see their blood sugar drop and begin to normalize as they eat correctly even if they are a diabetic.
  • People will be educated, energized and empowered and will learn how to have correct food habits to be in control of their blood sugar for the rest of their life and never have to worry about becoming a diabetic
  • People will see the impact in their lifestyle and how easy it is to flip from eating 80% unhealthy foods and only 20% healthy foods, to eating 80% healthy foods and only 20% unhealthy foods that will allow them to maintain good health.