Patient #296704; male, age 39, diagnosed as pre-diabetic, as overweight and high cholesterol; over a 31 day period, lost 21 lbs.; lost 7.4% of total body weight, reduced BMI by 7.5%, lost 8.2% body fat, blood pressure loss of 11.7% Systolic and 19.8% Diastolic, Total Cholesterol lost 19.7%; A1c test for average level of blood sugar showed improvement of 29.6% after 90 days. All markers and weight the same over past 12 months.

“I had become a middle aged fat guy me and my buddies used to joke about. I knew that before 40 I was going to have to change my lifestyle in food choices. I found the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 to be the only program that showed me the correct food habits that I could live with and sustain for a healthy life.”
Male, age 39