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Dr. Stephanie Mancuso, D.C. practices at "Living in Line" located in Phoenix, Az. Her years in athletics motivated her to study Nutrition and Dietetics in College and Graduate School and then went on to became a Registered Dietitian in the intensive and critical care clinical settings. After a few years of working in hospitals and trauma centers, she became very disillusioned with the “outside... more

Dr. Pouya Shafipour

Dr. Pouya Shafipour, MD, has spent the last 3 1/2 years working at the Motion Picture and TV Fund Medical Group where he provided care to the Motion Picture Industry members. Over the past 2 years, he has used the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 Program for weight loss, diabetes prevention and weaning patients off lifestyle induced medication. His... more

Dr. Julie Zieve

Dr. Julie Zieve is a Doctor of Chiropractic Care and a Licensed Physical Therapist. She works towards obtaining optimal health for all of her patients. She combines 26 years of experience in physical therapy and chiropractic care to give her patients the best results.

Dr. Julie Zieve offers an amazing weight-loss program called “TRANSFORMATIONS 360™”. The TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ System is... more

Dr. Marcus Ettinger

"The goal I have with each patient is to discover the precise dietary, physiologic and/or structural imbalance - that is the root cause of their body problem. I have found that the vast majority of today’s body problems are a direct result of long-term aberrations in both diet and lifestyle. With proper identification and correction, the body will do exactly what it was designed to do -... more

Dr. Laurie Brodsky

 "I find great joy in helping my patients of all ages live healthier, higher quality lives by providing them with personalized treatment plans following a holistic and functional approach to medicine by addressing the mind and body as one. Through the emphasis of prevention and self-care, I encourage, empower and educate each of my patients to take on the responsibility of living a healthier... more

Rebecca Rebmann, CTN

My goal is to empower people with a clear understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle and how making even small changes toward better habits can dramatically improve the quality of their lives.”

BIO: Rebecca’s commitment and dedication to healthy living and nutrition has been her lifelong passion. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Science, a Naturopathic... more

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