Dr. Julianne (Julie) Zieve

Dr. Julie Zieve is a Doctor of Chiropractic Care and a Licensed Physical Therapist. She works towards obtaining optimal health for all of her patients. She combines 26 years of experience in physical therapy and chiropractic care to give her patients the best results.

Dr. Julie Zieve offers an amazing weight-loss program called “TRANSFORMATIONS 360™”. The TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ System is not a diet! It is a weight management program that allows patients to lose unwanted fat in an accelerated and safe manner and it teaches you HOW TO KEEP IT OFF! Patients work with Dr. Zieve in one-on-one consultations learning how to balance their eating habits while keeping up with their hectic lives. She will coach you on nutrition, address necessary vitamins and minerals, and develop a plan for you to ensure that YOU reach your targeted weight safely and correctly. Dr. Zieve teaches you how to live a healthier life so you stay at your ideal weight.

Again, this is not a diet. This is a lifestyle. You will not buy food. You will not drink your meals. You will learn, through your one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Zieve, how to eat healthfully. One of our newest patients lost 9 pounds in her first week on the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 Plan!

Dr. Zieve’s patients feel the effects of their new healthy eating habits in every aspect of their lives. Not only do they have the benefit of feeling good in their clothes, but they have the benefit of being healthier overall. Patients of Dr. Zieve’s have been able to stop taking their High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medications because they were at a healthy weight. Wouldn’t you like to get off the “pill-for-every-ill” tract and start living healthy now? When you feel good don’t you look good? When you look good don’t you feel good? The TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ Program enables patients to look and feel great from the inside out.

Patient of Dr. Zieve testimonial posted 2/20/2012. “I was overweight and felt my spine would do better if I could get rid of the extra weight I was carrying around. So, I decided to try Dr. Zieve’s TRANSFORMATIONS 360™. I’m 65-years-old and had a concern about losing weight and being left with sagging, hanging skin. I asked Dr. Zieve if I would indeed have terrible sagging skin since I had 80 pounds to lose. She told me that since the program works by getting the body to burn fat calls for energy that not only will my skin not sag, but that I will lose inches AND have a flat abdomen. She had tried the program out on herself before she put it into her practice and she lost 30 pounds, two dress sizes, 12 inches in her waist, and 5 inches from each thigh! I started the program that very day and met with Dr. Zieve for my personal coaching once a week. What a program! I found the program to be easy to follow, I was able to eat real food, and I did in deed lose inches without having my skin sag. And what is even more incredible is I lost all this weight and I wasn’t even working out! I had just had a total knee surgery and was recovering from the pain and swelling. I had more energy then I felt in a long time and I it was like the pounds were just melting off of me. I began to feel so much better about myself that I decided to go on a trip with my husband to celebrate the shedding of those extra 80 pounds!!

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