Rebecca Rebmann, CTN

My goal is to empower people with a clear understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle and how making even small changes toward better habits can dramatically improve the quality of their lives.”

BIO: Rebecca’s commitment and dedication to healthy living and nutrition has been her lifelong passion. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Science, a Naturopathic Doctor degree and has a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition.

After many years in the produce industry, Rebecca was able to combine her interest in health and wellness along with her knowledge of fresh food and retail skills by opening several successful natural and gourmet food stores and a restaurant in the Northwest. She has been in practice in Long Beach California since 2004.

Rebecca’s primary focus is on healthy weight management and wellness (the absence of “dis-ease”) addressing some of the often overlooked blocks of digestion and food allergies that may keep a person from achieving a lasting healthy weight. Additionally, she works with clients on health issues like hormonal imbalances (PMS and Menopause), neurotransmitter imbalances, type II diabetes, fatigue and immune deficiencies. By using a combination of non-invasive highly sensitive laboratory testing, non-drug therapies, detoxification, proper diet and supplementation, Rebecca is able to guide clients to restored balance and wellness.

Scientific advances in wellness are being made every day and Rebecca believes that ongoing education is a key component in the evolving field of nutrition and wellness; not only is she enrolled in school but she attends conferences regularly to learn about new breakthroughs and therapies. Rebecca is passionate about promoting food safety and sustainable agriculture. She is active in the movement of preventing harmful food production technologies. Rebecca contributes her continual success and satisfaction to maintaining her focus on educating the public on the importance of diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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