• 1 out of 4 Americans are on one or more lifestyle induced drugs
  • 25% of Adults over the age of 40 are on Statin Drugs for Cholesterol
  • 87 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • 72.2 % of the population is obese or overweight
  • 31.8% of Children in America are obese or overweight
  • America spends 18% + of gross domestic product (GDP) on Health Care and ranks among the lowest country in providing quality Care
  • Health benefits insurance for small and medium size business as gone up 167% in the last 5 years

*CDC, American Diabetes Association, National Center for Health Statics the Food Research and Action Center and Kaiser Family Foundation

America has the perfect storm in place for the potential collapse of its healthcare system if nothing changes

Why has it gotten so bad?

Because our healthcare system is waiting for people to become diseased and sick before any action is taken. Our focus is to address the symptoms versus finding and addressing the root cause of the problem. (The TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ way)

The net result is that patients are offered medications for every ailment. Some of these medications can deplete crucial nutrients needed by the body for proper function and in many instances induce side effects that can generate other health problems.

Consequently, weaning off lifestyle induced medication is a crucial step everyone must undertake if they want to be preventative and healthy for the balance of their life. Your best health benefits insurance policy is to get and stay healthy.

The good news - this is very easily attainable for most people who learn how to be in control of their key wellness markers, which include: Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Weight, Lipids and Waist.(The TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ way)

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