Serve 2

Carbohydrates:                     12 grams (6 grams per serve)



40 grams                                green capsicum chopped

50 grams                                celery chopped

40 grams                                eggplant chopped

1 clove                                    garlic chopped

40 grams                                onion chopped

1tbsp                                      parsley chopped

60 grams                                tomato chopped

1tbsp                                      safflower oil

Sprinkled in dried basil

1 bay leaf (optional)



Heat oil in saucepan and fry onion until transparent.  Add all the vegetables and spices, close lid firmly on saucepan and put over very low flame. Gradually it will cook to stew of vegetables. Stir occasionally.


Serve with any meat or fish or by itself.

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