Serve:                                          1

Carbohydrates:                          2 ½ g

Protein:                                       1 ½ serves


60 g pork mince

1 tbsp water

10 g spring onion, cut finely

35 g mushrooms, cut finely

Add herbs and salt free soy sauce to taste.

1 egg and 2 tbsp water


1: Brown mince in fry pan.

2: Stir in onion, mushroom, herbs and spices. Add sauce and water, and heat through.

3: Remove from pan to keep warm.

4: Whisk egg and water. Pour into same clean pan.

5: Cook, tilting pan until light brown, turn over and cook.

6: Remove from pan

7: Place mince mixture along edge of omelette. Roll omelette over filling. fold in sides, and roll to enclose filling. 

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