Serve:                              1

Carbohydrates:              3 g

Protein:                           1 ½ g


35 g spinach – chopped finely

1 slice bacon (remove rind)

1 egg

15 g low fat cheddar cheese (shaved)



1: steam spinach until wilted.

2: in a non-stick fry pan; cook bacon until crisp. Drain fat on absorbent paper.

3: poach your egg- half fil a frying pan with water; bring to a boil. Bake oil into cup, then slide in to pan. When egg is in the pan allow water to return in a boil. Cover pan, turn off heat ; stand about four minutes or until a light film of egg while sets over yolk. Remove egg and place on absorbent-paper.

4: to serve place spinach on plate, top with bacon, egg and then cheese.

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