Italian style eggplant

Serve 2

Carbohydrate:                     20 grams (10 grams per serve)



40 grams                                  eggplant diced

¼ cup                                        mushroom sliced

¼                                                onions diced

2                                                 bay leaves

1                                                 stalk celery sliced

1tsp                                            oregano

1tsp                                            Lite salt

4/5 cup                                      tomato juice

4/5 cup                                      cold water



Combined first seven ingredients in saucepan and steam using a small amount until vegetables are soft. Add 2/5 tomato juice and let simmer for about 5 minutes. While eggplant vegetable are simmering, place remaining tomato juice and 4/5 cup cold water in a blender and turn on medium speed. Add T-360 packet while the blender is on. Combine diet mixture with eggplant ingredients in saucepan. Stir rapidly; remove from heat and serve immediately, piping hot!

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