Hearty Beef Soup

Serves 2

Carbohydrates:                     16 grams (8 grams per serve)

Protein:                                  1



60 grams                               Lean ground beef –cooked and drained

¾ cup                                     Cold water

3/8 cup                                  Tomato juice

½                                             Stalk of celery

½ cup                                     Chopped mushroom

½ tsp                                      Butter

Beef Stock Cube

¼ tsp                                       No salt

½ cup                                      Chopped broccoli

1 tbsp.                                    Chopped green pepper

½                                             Tomato-chopped

¾ cup                                      Hot water



Place cold water, salt and 3 tbsp.  of tomato juice in a bender (reserve remainder of tomato juice for broth). Set aside. Milt butter in a small skillet and sauté all vegetable for 2 minutes. Dissolve stock cube in hot water and add to vegetables. Add remainder of tomato juice and drained hamburger mince. Cover and simmer for approximately five minutes, or until vegetable are soft. Stir occasionally. Makes two delicious servings.

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