Hamburger Supreme

Serve                                             2
Carbohydrates:                             11.5 grams (for 2 serving @ 5.75 grams per serve)
Proteins:                                         2.5 grams


120 grams                                       lean ground beef
1tsp                                                  butter
1/8 cup                                            tomato juice
35 grams                                         sliced mushroom
1                                                        egg
50                                                     grams celery
40 grams                                         chopped onion
1 stock                                             cube dissolved in ½ cup warm water
40                                                      grams green pepper


Mix together minced meat, egg, onion and garlic. Form into small balls. Sauté vegetables for approximately3-4 minutes in ½ tsp butter, adding mushrooms last.

Remove from pan and keep warm. Using other ½ tsp butter, sauté meatballs, shaking pan lightly to stop them from sticking. When meatballs are brown return vegetable to pan, add tomato juice and stock cube in water.

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