Egg Foo Yung In Wok

Serve 1

Carbohydrates:                   6 grams

Protein:                                 1.5



1 tbsp                                       safflower oil

1 clove                                     diced garlic

60 grams                                 cooked, diced, chicken

40 grams                                 capsicum, cut into bite sized pieces

50 grams                                 broccoli cut in small florets

1                                               egg beaten with 1tbsp water

Sprinkle of “Lite salt’ and pepper



Heat safflower oil until hot, add garlic until transparent, about 30 second. Add broccoli florets and stir rapidly for approximately three minutes. Add capsicum and stir through, then add cooked chicken and stir through. Beat egg with water and pour over. Allow to set then break up by stirring rapidly.

Sprinkle with “Lite salt” and pepper .stir through and serve.

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