Crème of Chicken Soup

Serve 1

Carbohydrates:                     5 grams

Proteins:                                 1.5



½                                             Stalk celery - diced

1tbsp                                      Chopped spring onion

3/8 cup                                   Hot water

30 grams                                Grated low fat cheddar cheese

1 tbsp                                     Chopped green pepper

1/2 tsp                                    Butter

½ cup                                      Cold water

1                                              Chicken stalk cube

30 grams                                Diced cooked chicken



Sauté all vegetable in butter for approximately three minutes. Set aside. Dissolve stock cube in hot water and pour into pan of vegetable. Add chicken and cheese, cover and simmer for approximately five minutes or until desired consistency. More water may be added for a thinner soup.

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