Wellness Markers

Patient Profile

Patient #321588; female, age 64, general unhealthy markers, pre-diabetic; over 90 days lost 18 inches over 7 body measurements and lost 34 lbs. Lost 6.6% of  body weight, lost 6.6% BMI, lost 11.0% body fat, blood pressure loss of 27.0% Systolic and 36.1% Diastolic, lost 22.1%  Total Cholesterol (lost 25.4% LDL/ improved HDL 3.3%) improved Triglycerides 60.3%.

“I had stopped playing with my Grandkids. I knew I had to do something about my weight and had tried many programs without success as I always put the weight back on and more. TRANSFORMATIONS 360 balanced my body chemistry; normalized unhealthy markers and the pounds came off and stayed off. Knowing my health markers and improving the un-healthy ones was key…I improved my Triglycerides score by 60.3% and I now see my Grandkids and once in a while can wear them out.”
Female, age 64