Nutritional Deficiencies

Patient Profile

Patient #221864; female, age 59, diagnosed as pre-diabetic and  general unhealthy markers; over 77 days lost 29 inches over 7 body measurements and lost 30 lbs. Able to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies, correct them to promote weight loss. Lost 12.0% of  body weight, lost 12.2% BMI, lost 14.1% body fat, blood pressure loss of 17.1% Systolic and 9.0% Diastolic, lost 13.6%  Total Cholesterol (lost 14.4% LDL/ improved HDL 18.9%) improved Triglycerides 58.4% . A1c test for average level of blood sugar showed improvement of 6.8% after 60 days.

“I have tried every possible weight program; pinpointing my issues with nutrition solved why I was unsuccessful before and I lost 30 lbs. in a couple of months. Realizing it was not my fault I couldn’t lose weight was a huge relief & motivated me to win my weight battle.”
Female, age 59