Food Allergy Sensitivities

Patient Profile

Patient #311859; female, age 60, diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic with possible Thyroid problems; within in 50 days patient was able to correct Thyroid problems and normalized Glucose, Lipids, and Triglycerides; Glucose dropped 42.8%, Total Cholesterol dropped 29.7%,(LDL dropped 39.5% HDL improved 37.5%), Triglycerides dropped 49.1%. Patient was identified with Thyroid deficiency and thyroid was normalize and reduce reading of 109.1%.

“I felt like my life had slowed down to a crawl I had no energy. I was not aware I had problems with my Thyroid, plus I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it. Once I got that in control my Cholesterol dropped 30% and Triglycerides 40%. My energy is back and I am enjoying going to my grandkids soccer games.”
Female, age 60