Food Allergy Sensitivities

Patient Profile

Patient #108425; male, age 47, general unhealthy markers, liver issues, and pre-diabetic, over a 4 month period pinpointed food allergies, corrected liver problems and lost 47 lbs. and 21.25 inches over 7 body measurements. Sustained health and weight loss with new lifestyle and food habits for 28 months and counting. Lost 20.9% of body weight, lost 16.4% BMI, lost 29.8% body fat, blood pressure loss of 13.6% Systolic and 24.4% Diastolic, lost 20.6%  Total Cholesterol (lost 19.3% LDL improved HDL 25.0%) improved Triglycerides 17.8% and Glucose dropped 13.3%.

“I knew I had bad food habits, but didn’t know I had food allergies and liver issues that were preventing me from losing weight. Once I figured it out; I lost almost 50 lbs. over a 4 month period. I am now less than 180 lbs. and I am rock climbing again.”
Male, age 47