Elevated Blood Sugar

Patient Profile

Patient #296246; male, age 36, general unhealthy markers, pre-diabetic; over 76 days lost 15.25 inches over 7 body measurements and lost 40 lbs. Lost 17.4% of  body weight, lost 18.4% BMI, lost 17.7% body fat, blood pressure loss of 18.6% Systolic and 18.2% Diastolic, lost 10.4%  Total Cholesterol (lost 15.7% LDL/ improved HDL 9.5%) improved Triglycerides 37.0% .

“I had really let myself go after college days and found the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 System of measuring and marking my health score to be just the ticket for my goal setting motivational style. In less than 3 months I lost 40 lbs. improved all my markers and lost 15.25 inches. I am back at my college weight & beating the younger guys at the club in racket ball.”
Male, age 36