Elevated Blood Sugar

Patient Profile

Patient #097756; male, age 48, general unhealthy markers, pre-diabetic; over 79 days lost 32 inches over 7 body measurements and lost 27 lbs. Lost 13.9% of  body weight, lost 13.7% BMI, lost 33.8% body fat, blood pressure loss of 8.9% Systolic and 5.6% Diastolic, lost 34.5%  Total Cholesterol (lost 37.7% LDL/ improved HDL 9.3%) improved Triglycerides 28.6% .

“As I grew older, I didn’t exercise as much and got into some bad food habits. I had gained 25 pounds and felt slugish. I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it. With TRANSFORMATIONS 360 I lost 32 inches and 27 pounds. I feel great and I am back exercising again and I took my fiance sailing and wasn’t embarrassed wearing my shorts.”
Male, age 48