Baked Eggs and Bacon

Serve:                                                1

Carbohydrates:                                5g

Protein:                                             2 serve



1 tbsp olive oil                                 2 eggs

20 g pepper, chopped finely

1 slice bacon- chopped finely

35 g mushroom, chopped finely

20 g spring onion, chopped finely

15 g grated parmesan cheese

1 tsp parsley



1: preheat oven 350 F. lightly oil a ¾ cup shallow oven proof dish.

2: heat oil, cook pepper and bacon – stirring until green pepper is just tender. Add mushroom and onion. Cook while stirring until onion softens. Remove pan from heat, stir in half the cheese.

3: place mixture in oven proof dish; carefully break two eggs into dish. Bake eggs, uncovered, in the oven for five minutes.

4: sprinkle remaining cheese over eggs and bake, uncovered, for about five minute or until eggs are just set.

5: to serve sprinkle parsley over eggs.

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