Dr. Mona Morstein

Dr. Morstein is considered an expert on obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes/insulin resistance, gastroenterology, female health care and nutrition. Dr. Morstein has spoken Internationally on diabetes and has been interviewed on CNBC nationally on using alternative medicine to treat Type 2 Diabetes. She is a Professor at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Chair of Nutrition and Professor of Gastroenterology.

Dr. Mona Morstein has been a naturopathic doctor for 18 years. She earned a Summa Cum Laude BS in Foods and Nutrition from Arizona State University in 1984. She graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1988, where she was class speaker at graduation.

In 2002, she joined Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona as a Professor. Dr. Morstein is the Chair of Nutrition at SCNM. She teaches three nutrition courses and is also the professor for gastroenterology.

Dr. Mona Morstein was asked two key questions; here are her responses:

What makes the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 System so appropriate for diabetes and pre-diabetes?

“The Transformation 360 System contains several aspects which merge wonderfully into excellent dietary care for diabetics and pre-diabetics.  

1) It teaches them (diabetics and pre-diabetics) how to eat their own food, their own meals, using portion control.  

2) It removes pro-obesity, pro-inflammatory foods like refined foods, processed foods, which cause weight gain, tiredness, cloudy thinking, so participants are fresh, awake, alert, energetic and have less pain.  

3) It's a low carbohydrate program and removes grains & refined sugars; which over and over has been shown in studies that when removed it promotes the most consistent weight loss and maintain the highest metabolism.  

 4) It's hypoallergenic and it's been shown that food allergies can easily cause water retention and weight gain, as well as innumerable other problematic symptoms such as asthma and joint pain, so by removing those foods, patients can lose weight and exercise more easily.

5) It teaches patients new habits and methods of preparing foods so they have lifelong skills to keep the weight off as it becomes a lifestyle for healthy living not a diet per se.

6) There is a lot of support, troubleshooting, and help from medical supervisors who keep tabs on the patient weekly and have loads of information to help the patient be successful in the protocol.” 

How does it compare to other "brands" in the marketplace or an HCG Diet?

“TRANSFORMATIONS, is I think, highly superior to programs like Jenny Craig or NutriSystems, which makes the participant buy their (the company’s) own foods, which are full of allergens, pro-inflammatory substances, are oftentimes very unhealthy and do not help the participant rebalance their system and heal their own desires for desserts or satisfy their cravings or to enjoy truly healthy foods.  They are only about portion control and starvation (which is not sustainable), and they allow people to eat all the similar junk they have their whole life, but just in smaller portions.  TRANSFORMATIONS does teach people how to eat normal healthy portions, but using their own good healthy foods, and making their own healthy meals which is life-changing to them and instructs them how to spend their money not buying prepared poor quality foods; but buying, preparing and enjoying their own super healthy whole food which they prepare as they wish in so many tasty ways and keeps them at a healthy weight. The TRANSFORMATIONS program allows your system to use your stored fat as fuel and you lose weight naturally by eating the correct balance of protein and good carbohydrates and consuming the protein packets between meals 4 times a day.

HCG diets and starvation diets are, I feel, very unhealthy; they are associated with causing gallstones, worsening fatty livers, which most people who are overweight have and absolutely do not teach people how to live in the real world and eat healthy foods.  Also, TRANSFORMATIONS does not recommend injecting pregnancy hormones into participants, but focuses on wholly natural methods such as a low carb non-starvation diet, exercise, and natural supplementation.”